Monday, 5 January 2009

Three girls with three gears

Today a plan had been made and a route plotted at 10:30am I met up with Jumbly and Kate in Hope ready for my first peaks singlespeed ride. I was worried about the climbs as I have memories of walking up them on a geared bike. Arriving in the peaks I was suprised to see snow, there is none anywhere near me! But excited that I was to get another snow ride, this winter is turning into a proper winter.
After the first climb they were both looking very happy. Probably as we had just had a snack of cake.The sky was lovely, there were a few slides off into the snow, but its fun to fall in snow so that was lots of fun.
Down the first descent, lots of dabbing, but after a bit of shouting at myself I got myself clipped in and riding, as you can see the other two walked ;)
After that we dropped to fairholmes the icy road was great fun, as we crawled along at about two miles an hour trying to avoid falling off, kate decided she fancied a lie-down though! A hot drink and we were on our way, unfortunately the bridleway we had planned to head back up on was closed so we added a couple of miles to the ride.
Lots of picture stops were in order as the sky was amazing - the other two will have better pictures I'm sure!

Before long it was getting dark and we still had two miles to go.
I have my light always attached to my singlespeed and Jumbly had a joystick so we got back to road, where it was back to slowly slowly. Still Jumbly had a little lie-down on the ice!
Back to Hope where we nipped in the pub, then put loads of layers on to stay warm, not a pub we'll go to again!

A great ride and I can't wait to meet up again and have another adventure.

942m climbed


  1. Very Very jealous.
    I've beeen sat looking out of the window longing to be out riding all day. It looks absolutely lovely.

    I'm half tempted to phone my boss and get tomorrow off now.

    - I did tell you that it was snowing here!

  2. I notice you don't mention your own falling off moment! It was a top day out, thanks for driving and organising the route and for the chocolate buttons, I was so glad of those on the trip home.

  3. Wow,, look at that snow!! Think I might have even got over my ice phobia to fall about in that. There were patches of ice on the beach at St Annes, how weird is that?

  4. a very comprehensive write up ;)
    an excellent day out, will definitely do it again but i'm bringing bivi, stove, lights and maybe a swimming cosie-you never know what might happen!

    some great pics by the way

  5. That is a really fab route the summer ;-)

  6. What an amazing day out!! Beautiful pics!! I'd have walked that hill ;)

  7. It looks a fantastic ride especially with all that snow.

  8. Wow, great pictures and a fun ride by the sound of it. Amazing!

  9. Looks sweet to wander around in the snow. Great photo's to boot.

  10. Looks a fab ride and great pictures - looks a little alpine out there, nevermind the pennines!