Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Running up the hill again

Having been lazy so far this week, well actually too busy to do anything! (The reason for this will be revealed later) So today I headed up to Affetside repeating the run I did last week. I was determined to improve on my time as even on flat bits last week I wasn't managing 10 min/miles.
It was even boggier this time on the hills, on the way up I nearly lost a shoe a couple of times but even when it might have been quicker walking I kept plodding away. My slowest split was on this section, 12:20 min/mile (9seconds faster than last week). On the way down the hill my watched beeped at me, my heart rate was over 180bom, not a suprise it was hard work as my feet kept disapearing into the bog and I was trying to ignore it and actually run faster downhill than uphill - I am rubbish on the downhills.
The last mile or so was really hard, this is where having the garmin came into its own as I could see my average pace coming down as I kept pushing - slowly but coming down. So I kept pushing, managing the last split in 9;ao min/mile pace.
7.4miles @ 10:12 min/mile pace
242m climbed


  1. Very fast!! Well done.

  2. That's fast for boggy offroad! Running downhill is hard work, not the recovery that downhill on a bike is, my heart rate rockets as I try to make up for my snail like climbing pace.

  3. It not all a boggy mess though as the trails to get to the boggy hill are muddy but firmer and then the last bit is the same again. But it was fun. Can only make me fitter! Just no idea what would be a good pace, Ali did a similar run on sunday and she was faster, but she is a better runner and training for a marathon so that is to be expected!

  4. Told you that you were quick!!

    10:20 pace up (and down) a BIG hill in the mud.

    It looks cold on the photo.

  5. Could you see over towards Darwen Tower from there? Wondering if its going to be slushy when we get up there on the bikes tonight - or if we'll manage to get up there. Its so difficult pacing offroad but I'm happy if its in the 10mm range, particularly if hills and bog are involved!

    I'm sure I've hit about 14.5 mm pace uphill in a shuffling/running movement - started walking after that though, less embarrassing.

  6. 9 seconds is quite a bit. Its a whole 100m for Bolt.