Friday, 22 April 2011

My bikes get to play

I'm still here and still feeling sorry for myself. I'm just constantly tired and swallowing is an effort. I was meant to be riding the Plains 300k Audax this weekend but obviously that's not happening now.

Today we decided to have a BBQ usually I would nip to the shops on my bike, today Ali nipped to the shops on my bike (her roadie is getting some love at Cooksons). It looked tiny with her riding it and it was her first time riding fixed on the roads. She got back in one piece so I guess she remembered to keep pedalling.

I hope the rest of you are making the most of the lovely weather.
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  1. Sit out side and work on evening out your tan lines ;) don't rush your recovery. Anasthetics can take a while to get over, but just think you're gonna come back stronger. No more swollen glands.ever.....and as much ice cream in this lovely sunshine as you can stomach. Hang in there buddy :)

  2. We are over here (making the most of the lovely weather),went from unable to ride for months,to a couple rides per week just this month :D

    Hoping for a speedy return to the bike and normalacy for you,my friend! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better x

  4. You'll be back on a bike soon enough. Don't rush things :)