Monday, 21 September 2009

Track accreditation day

A while ago I persuaded myself to sign up for a track accreditation day. Now Ali has been after doing one of these for ages to get her accreditation as she struggles to get to the sessions after work. But me I am just scared stiff of the track. Wednesday I rode down for a reminder of how scary it is. Still I got through the session with my hands not going numb so maybe I wasn't holding on too tight!
Sunday morning came and the alarm was off way too early for a sunday. We commented how cold it was as we got in the car to head to Manchester Velodrome. Once there we had to find some nice man to get us our bikes as they weren't ready and then it was time to start. Straight up on the track in a line changing every lap. Not too bad, I wasn't trying to freewheel, then something went wrong and we were all over the place. We were pulled off the track and told we were meant to be experienced track riders. Obviously we were very varied. Back up and down for the next hour and we were getting there, still speeding up all the time but basically a line and less of a mess.
Break was a time for certain points to be given, I had to relax - a way to go then, that was the most relaxed I had been. I was aware I was moving out too much. I need to get used to fixed gear and riding on peoples wheels.
Then the next session, warm up then round the black, red, blue lines followed by up and downs, all three bike lengths apart, that was fun! Remember to look every time! The we did our line in pairs changing, suddenly I found I couldn't be scared of the wheel in front, I had to hold my line, I liked it!!! Then a chain gang, all seemed to be going well then someone keep going and those of us further back had no idea what was going on. We got it back and were taken off the track for lunch.
A nervous lunch where we thought noone was going to pass, would they let me back on for the assessment - anyone dangerous wouldn't be. Back we went all on the track to warm up in our line, round we go, oh dear what is happening, its ok, no its not, yes it is, oh that's a wheel, sorry, down I go. Hurt less than I was expecting, lost some skin off my arm and think my hip will have some nice bruises. Wash it and back on.
Then its the accreditation, told everything we had to do, same as earlier but no breaks and off we go. We were riding for ages but all was fine. Then off and up again for half laps, followed by a mock race which showed me I was slow but I could hold my line so it was easy for people to overtake me.
Off the track and we've all passed. Wow! It was hard work, I was tired with so much thinking all day. Lots I need to work on but somehow I did it!


  1. Well done Amy! I'm very jealous. track racing looks so cool. It may well be one of my aims in a few years time.
    i would have thought you'd be a natural. Keep it up. Chuffed for you.

  2. No I'm rubbish on the track, not natural at all, Ali is though!

    get over for a taster, anyone can come and they are great fun!

  3. Congratulations to you both.

    Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope nothing hurts too much today.

  4. Nicely done the pair of you, best get your request in to Santa now for track bikes.

  5. Congrats. Not bad for someone who isn't keen on riding the track ;oP

  6. I only ride pursuits - one bike which means less stress for me - 2000m is a long way though and it hurts.

    The fixed wheel thing sppoks me, I had my first day back on a fixie for nearly a year yesterday and so it was all new yet again..

  7. I'm hopefully going in a couple of weeks but looking at how steep those tracks are - might chicken out :)

  8. Well done Amy!

    What can you do now - race on the track?!

    I really must get a taster session booked - when's the best time do you think?

    I want to go really fast!!!

  9. Whenever you can get on, tasters can book up ages in advance. Worth doing though!

  10. Well done :)

    I don't think I got above the red line when I went to the velodrome - far too scary.

  11. Well done, all the more impressive because you weren't used to the track. I can still see you catching the wheel of the bike in front of you now, ouch!!

  12. Think I have hopefully got over being so scared samuri! I have been on the track a few times now, but I'm always scared!!!

    Simon I find it less scary on the blue than down on the black!

  13. sounds ace! well done to you both :)

  14. You better not chicken out Joby!