Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A little muddy!

A message from Cooksons on my blog - they couldn't find my phone number! My wheels were ready! So I headed off on rigger, dropped down onto Bury road and decided to nip down an off-road track, after two metres I was covered in mud! It hadn't occured to me that since it was wet I would get muddy! Since it was too late I carried on off-road. When I got there I asked if they wanted me to stay outside but they just laughed at my muddy face. The new wheels were put on rigger and at the moment they are nuts but they bit to convert to quick release will appear next week. Another a nice ride off-road on the way home and I realised all I needed to cheer me up was a nice mountain bike ride!

I got home and Ali laughed at me and made me wait while she took a picture! Then told me off for spending money!
Tomorrows job is to get her bike sorted for the weekend, she has some silly idea in her head about riding!