Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Three peaks analysis

That makes it sound a bit posh, but I have been looking at the results.

26 people finished after me and I was 424th and 15th female out of 20. (7th and last in the Senior Female category).

Anyway I was basically last, there was three of us together, to the stile on simon fell but I did pass a few people on the way up Ingleborough on the bits I could ride. I've had a look and, of the finishers, there were 3 people behind me at the top. (There were 8 who did not finish). So I was really right at the back then. Each of the splits after that there were more people that I was faster than. I was making up places all the time. None of those splits were amazing, but I could have pushed harder, when you are at the back it can be harder to. But I think I could knock a fair amount off my time just by doing some scrambling up steep hills training. So that is the plan.

It is odd, I am really pleased with this race and have none of the disappointment from transwales. Yet overall I finished a lot higher up in transwales, I was a lot closer to being competive and in some ways it was more enjoyable. This race was so far beyond my comfort zone and I really thought I wasn't going to finish when I was struggling on Simon Fell. In a lot of ways it reminded me of the first merida I did where I finished 2nd from last, but chuffed I had done the long distance when so many others hadn't!


  1. No prize at this race though, I tried my best to be last but turns out I'm not as slow riding downhills as everybody else in the race!

  2. It's a race that attracts a capable field, you did well. But of course you'll do better next year.

  3. it's like no other race you've done, it's a steep learning curve-do you like what i've done there ;)

  4. you'll be loads faster next time. Prior knowledge and that.

  5. I came third from last in 2006 and was chuffed with that, its one of those events that just finishing is an achievement.

    but I can see how easily it becomes an obsession eh Dave :-)