Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mobile reception at last!

Five days of transwales have gone. I'm feeling strong on the linking stages but i'm well off the pace on the special stages. Riding rigid singlespeed is hard, but fun. Enjoying the challenge and apart from a knee problem on tuesday everything has been fine. Last special stage was today and i just rode it instead of trying to race as i had no power which was more fun than blowing up after 500m like i did on the night stage. I've been writing up each day so i can blog each day when i get home.

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  1. Only you would ride all day off-road with a knee thats too sore to walk on.

    I hope you're really proud of how well you're doing!

  2. Look after your knee...sounds like you are having a great ride...doing a big ride on a fixie is a huge acheivement......not something to be taken lightly...just watch those knees....

  3. full report please ;)

    congratulations on your singlespeed, fully rigid completion of the trans wales :)

  4. I am getting there with the write-up. having to type up my handwritten blog takes time!