Friday, 21 August 2009

Ali's adventure

Ali went for a ride so when i got back she wasn't here. Next thing i know is she is lost! Eventually i got a text she had found a road and was 8 miles away. So she had her own adventure.

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  1. Not sure how you managed to make my adventure sound quite so tame! No mention of the steep descent down to the river - so steep that they didn't let you do it the next day ;)
    Or of the bike carrying, bramble fighting, or resorting to following the next day's direction signs as a last resort to get me out of the forest!!

    Was a fun ride though!

  2. I was tired and blogging from my phone, I do apologise!

  3. When is the first outing on the new bike?

  4. She went to work on it today, maybe a longer ride on the way home!

  5. Come on Ali.

    Where are the pics of this new bike. Where the details of the first ride!