Monday, 8 June 2009


Back from a fun weekend away. Somehow although it rained the whole way there, Dalby was dry all weekend. We missed the big ride out after Ali decided not to bring her bike - halfway there she was wishing she had it! Next year we are bringing her a singlespeed to ride!

Saturday evening was dominated by the Rollapaluza which Ali won in fine style, I don't seem to be able to get my legs to move fast enough!

Sunday morning and it was time to leave our bikes in the woods for them to be moved around. I already knew I wasn't up for much, riding the length of the camping field felt hard! So I was out for a fun ride. Ali got to help moving the bikes around so she was happy.

After a jog across a field I found my bike up a tree, Ali had made sure she had moved it! At least she left it so I could reach it!

The course was great, some technical bits. Only one down I walked both laps, the rest I rode. Lots of screaming though!

The second lap I stopped for a while at the beer stop, I found I am not great at riding after beer, but it was a nice course so I enjoyed myself. Ali not so much she was in the woods getting eaten alive waiting to take my photo, only I was sat drinking beer so she had to wait a long time!
A great weekend, Ali has about 500 photos so will hopefully get them online later.


  1. Poor poor Rigger being hung up in a tree. At least he wasn't under than big pile of bikes.

  2. So upset about Rigger I nearly forget. Well done Ali !!!!

  3. Ali was the one that moved rigger, he had got away with it till then!

  4. What is this rollaplollaloser of which you are speaking? And why plis is bikes in trees? (I sorry for my Inglis, is visitor here).

    Trio world has gone crazy! Did I miss something? Is it a Northern thing?! ;-)

  5. More information on rollapaluza

    The bikes are in a pile and in the trees as that is a singlespeed traddition, eveyone leaves their bikes and the organisers, move and hide them!

  6. I think I may have taken it a bit seriously :-) no beer stop for me as they didn't cater for my refined tastes!
    Tuesday night ride tomorrow if ur up for it, me and junkyard so far not sure who else.

  7. Oh and looking forward to the other pics, think Ali may have got one of me on the woodwork.

  8. I'll do my best to sort through the photos and get them online later this evening!

  9. what a great weekend. next time we meet up can we play 'hiding bikes in trees'?!