Monday, 1 June 2009

Last brownbacks race

I woke up yesterday feeling terrible, I had spent the night burning up and just wasn't right. First thought was I would do the race on gears instead of the singlespeed but after struggling through breakfast I knew racing was out of the question. Lots of paracetamol later - very unusual for me - I headed up to watch. I had talked my friend Odile into riding so wanted to see how she got on. She hasn't been riding long but has survived a couple of trio adventures. The day was so hot and I found the walk up to the quarry hard! But it was fun to watch the racing - some of the trails looked a lot scarier than when I was riding them!
Odile finished 1st female in the 'Have a go hero' womens category and picked up a spot prize as well.

Three singlespeeders turned out today, here Mr Sparkle (who finished 2nd) leads trev up one of the climbs!
That's the end of series one, but series two is on the way in August. Definetly recommended!


  1. Does that mean you won the series or not?

  2. Nearly forgot.
    Well done Odile

  3. No you had to ride the last one to win the series!

  4. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Good to hear there is a 2nd series as I might make it out to those as I'll hve some free time in August.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Was a very good idea not to race in that heat if you felt unwell.

    I've made a note of the second series too, need some new goals now the marathon is done.

  6. Be great to get more girls there!

    I made the right decision not to race, still not right so who knows what sort of state I would have been in if I had tried racing?

  7. Unlucky on the illness, you'd have won the series wouldn't you? Better safe than sorry tho, get well soon.

    Thats a proper singlespeed grimace Mr Sparkle's got there!

  8. Yes I would have done, just had to race. Good job I didn't though as still not 100% although the worst of it was sunday. I would probably have killed myself off for the week if I had raced!

    I'm impressed he rode that bit, I walked it at the race before!