Thursday, 11 June 2009

Locks and Hill repeats

Yesterday I went out to my bike when I finished work and thought I hadn't locked it up correctly. Then I realised it was the end of the cable lock that didn't lock that had come loose. No idea how and seeing as my bike was still there I didn't dwell on it. So I stopped at cooksons on the way home and picked up another one. I borrowed the park scales from the workshop and weighed them all to help with my decision. I now have a U-lock so hopefully my bike will be secure!

Recently I was talking to Ollie and he has decided to do transwales again. He was talking about training and I realised I haven't really done any. A couple of races should have helped a bit so today I headed out to do hill repeats, on rigger! I used a new hill that is closer than the ones I used last year. So I had 2.5miles to warm my legs up (since I had done 35miles with riding to and from work that was plenty). Then it was time to push as hard as I could. I soon remember that it hurts to ride hard up hills, but the way back down was fun! Only four repeats this time, thought that was plenty after not doing anything like it for nearly a year.

Lap 1: 6'17"
Lap 2: 6'27"
Lap 3: 6'33"
Lap 4: 6'21"


  1. That hill looks very pointy.
    250m for 0.75miles (1200m) its steep too (12% average gradient?)

    6:17, gives just over 7mph, which is very quick for a single speed MTB up such a long steep hill.

    -Knowing you I bet it was off-road and muddy too!

  2. Looks like a nice set of repeats if there is such thing. How long were you leaving between each one?

  3. Hill reps are the toughest sessions ever. The only good thing about them is that warm glow of self-satisfaction having finished! It takes real mental toughness just to decide you're going to do a session. :-)

  4. redbike It's a change in gradient of 80m so no not as steep as you think! It was also all on road!

    Ollie I just wait for the heart rate to get to about 90bpm and go, basically it took about 1min30 to get back to the bottom of the hill and then another 30seconds to turn on the road, drink something and I was off!