Monday, 29 December 2008

Century a month Challenge 2009

Well it is nearly 2009 so soon a crowd of us will be starting on our Century a month Challenge. The rules are simple, each month you do the required ride, 100km for the metric challenge, 100miles for the imperial version. The ride has to be one ride, although cafe stops are fine. No ride in the morning go home for a few hours and out again, that I am afraid is two rides. The ride must be completely in the month as well, so no starting your first century late on the 31st December I'm afraid.

Let me have a link to the write up to each of the centurys and I'll link to them over there --->

The list of willing participants is here:

Metric Version

Imperial Version

So will anyone be out on the 1st getting their first century in?


  1. Are you online AGAIN trio. So much for no internet access.

    Good luck with your century rides everyone!

  2. Hi Trio
    came across your blog while looking at last years transwales results and write-up. It's been really inspiring to browse through!

    I'm just out of hospital from a nasty biking injury so spending a lot of time surfing the web looking for exciting things to do once I'm fixed. I'm wondering about the transwales for 2009 (and have just started my own blog as well, so that when i tell people i'm entering crazy races I can't back out and also so my mum knows where i am!). Century ride a month sounds like a great challenge - something I'll have to have a go at from March / April, as hopefully by then i'll be fixed! I'm adding that to my 2009 goals now...
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. really looking forward to this. i feel like i've had a bit of an extended rest over the past 4 weeks. hopefully a new challenge will bring renewed energy :)

  4. Oh Trio - I love challenges. I'm in for the metric. :-)

  5. I have a short club ride on the 1st if the roads are clear, so I won't be starting off the year with my century. I hope someone does though =)

  6. Thanks Elizabeth, keep us up to date with your progress.

    Goover you are added to the list.

  7. Hmm, I doubt I'll do my first century on the 1st, are you doing yours then Trio?

  8. Don't think it fits in, although I like the idea.

  9. I've done the 100 today! - Yey, (I'm Sending all the details to little Trio now.)

  10. I'm impressed will publish! It was too icy for me to want to go out.

  11. Jonathan starting off with a century off the bat. Well done. I can see that this might help get me back into the saddle. A small challenge always makes things more interesting. Does offroad riding gain any bonus;)

  12. No bonus, but kudos! Shall I add you?

  13. I'd have a go. I am most definately an 'imperial' person, however if it means that riding/running a shorter distance menas I have to go metric then so be it ! Does Spinning count ??!!

  14. You want to do 100km in one go on a spinning bike? But no I think it needs to be outdoors. Send me a report of your first one and I'll put it up.