Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Motivation or lack of it

I have really been struggling with bothering to go out and do anything recently, although I am still managing to get out its taking all day for me to drag myself out. So today I decided I would get up and dressed and out of the house on my bike early - before 8:30am! I wouldn't end up sat on the computer reading blogs or forums. It worked well and I was on my way and the rain stopped as soon as I got out. I was at Smithills when I noticed my chain slipping while climbing, I stopped had a look and noticed that my chain was really slack. Now I had only tensioned it yesterday as I had noticed it needed doing on the ride on sunday. My multitool is not long enough so I thought I should head home. As I was cycling the EBB started moving out, so it obviously hadn't been tightened up enough (oops). Then the chain started jumping off the cog at any bit of pressure, so I had to walk home up the the hills and just ride on any downhills, I'm glad I hadn't got far! The plan once I got back was to fix it and head back out, but of course that didn't happen!

I ended up doing nothing till about 2:30pm when I decided I would head out and do the hill repeats I had been meant to do yesterday, only ruby had a flat! So I fixed that and got out at 3pm. Went over to Affetside as Belmont Hill was just too far and too long. It felt hard, which I'm hoping is due to it being humid. But although I felt slow I was actually faster than last time, so I am seeing an improvement!

Repeat 1: 4:25
Repeat 2: 4:29
Repeat 3: 4:36
Repeat 4: 4:35
Repeat 5: 4:36
Average 4:32 - Average last time (26/5) 4:51

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  1. I think the rest will do you good. You're going to need it!