Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lots and lots of food and some road miles

Today I headed over to meet Jumbly and drag her out on a bike as she hasn't had much chance to ride recently. I planned a ride, she asked for a flat ride between 30-40 miles, so I planned as flat as I could 40miles ride. Jumbly actually told me that it was a lot flatter than she expected and that she only said 30-40 to keep me nearer 40 instead of 50! She has rode with me too often. We headed off and only had a couple of bits of rough road and a very noisy bridge. We started to get hungry so stopped at a pub that looked and smelt nice. It was a good choice, the food was lovely, there was so so much of it. I think we could have shared one meal. But its one to remember as it serves food all day, not just between 12noon and 2pm.

After food we wandered back to Jumbly's and after I stopped talking I rode home, this was the hardest bit of the ride, a nice climb into a headwind! Hopefully Jumbly has now remembered how much fun cycling is and will want to ride with me every day!

62.19miles @ 13mph
Av HR 121bpm
1250m climbed


  1. Ha! I'm lovin' that photo of me with my mouth in full chomp mode. Was a top ride today and just what I needed. Definitely more routes need to be planned that take in Croston as the food and beer was ace!

  2. Looks like a nice route and some nice food !!