Sunday, 21 July 2013

Finishing off #rapharising and not quite killing Ali

I had 1400m to do to finish the Rapha Rising challenge but I definitely wanted to go mountain biking and I was hoping Ali would join me for some of the ride. We decided to head over to Hope for lunch, well a late lunch as Ali was catching up with the cricket. I took her up to the Gliding club to show her two of the new trails I have ridden this week that I love. Although she wasn't feeling great her smile showed she loved the trails as well.
It was overcast which led to it being noticeably cooler which was nice for a change, although won't help my tan lines!

After lunch, two main courses for Ali, we headed through Castleton and up the broken road, the food had done its job and Ali was flying up the hills! So instead of heading home and me going out again to get my climbing we went right and over to Rushup Edge, I had forgotten how much climbing there was up Rushup, but it was in lovely condition. Down Chapel Gate into Edale and then over to Jaggers Clough, we went on a ride here when we first started going out on old heavy bikes so it was great to return!

All that was left was descend, via an accidental ascent of Win HIll, my first time up there!

An amazing day and nearly 40miles and over 1500m climbed meant a tired Ali and the challenge complete!


  1. A nice area for some Trio bivvy adventures again Amy

  2. I know, just need to have some time!