Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Company on the Commute

To try and help me not get so overtired (and therefore a complete pain) Ali has been giving me lifts home from work when I'm on lates and in on the early shifts. Today as well as my bike on the roof we put Ali's there as we had a plan! I rode from my work over to Ali's to meet her and then we rode home. It wasn't as sunny as the previous few days but being a little cooler was nice and it was lovely to have company on the commute (even if she is super speedy)!
Climbing Tideswell Lane

A smiley Ali enjoying the commute

Silly Dale :-)


  1. A lovely route, although maybe not so good in winter? I like the maps on the side bar as its great seeing your routes.

  2. I know its obvious but that's got to beat commuting around Bolton Amy

  3. Yes Strava is clever like that, I like to see where friends have been riding!

    And yes John it is, miss having the time for more riding but the riding is stunning!