Monday, 31 December 2012

Day 7 (Rides 6 and &) - Tod CX

I didn't fancy Tod Cross this year, it was going to be a muddy one. But I had lots of friends heading over so I still decided to head over. I was hoping to catch up with Rich and minipips on the Rochdale canal but I was a bit late leaving so caught up with them at the race.

Ride over = 36km meaning only 37km left

After lots of chatting and food afterwards I set off back, weather was its usual wet and windy self. I was tempted to accept Ali's offer of a lift but I knew that if I rode back I could finish the challenge off. I didn't go the shortest way and there was one loop at the end to make sure but 38km on my Garmin and I had finished!

The challenge was harder than expected but it was great at getting me out on my bike, now for 2013!

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