Friday, 28 December 2012

Day 4 (ride 3) of the #festive500 was to my sisters

I was out of the house just after 9am with 125k to ride to get to my sisters, I was hoping to stretch it a bit further as I was behind on the challenge. I got 5mins down the road before I stopped and put full waterproofs on, safe to say I wasn't expecting to enjoy this ride. But my sister was expecting me so on I went. After 30k I spotted some services so I nipped in the back way, a hot chocolate and a bacon roll helped me feel better. It was nice and quiet, just me and a handful of truckers.

On I continued making my way along country lanes, feeling very slow but watching the miles count down. I detoured a bit from the planned route to add a few miles but still had the fun of riding through a busy Leicester. Just as I was arriving at Helen's I realised I had nearly no brake pads left, not good as you are coming downhill!

Just over 130k covered took me to 47% complete, still a lot of riding to do then!

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