Saturday, 19 May 2012

Turbo Training

On Friday the Doctor at the hospital said I would be fine to turbo train so Jenn helped me set it up. The turbo specific tyre seemed hardwork to get on so I hope it was worth the effort. The turbo belongs to Ali's dad and he has kindly leant it to me. We have borrowed it once before when Ali was injured but my one attempt at using it I found myself freewheeling. But after over a week of no exercise I am climbing the walls.

First thing was to get bike clothes on and then I tried using Garmin Training Centre to send a training programme to my Garmin. It worked telling me what to do. It was very basic, warm-up for 10mins, work harder for 5mins, recover for 5mins (repeat another two times) cool down. I had my sling on and was sat up which isn't the comfiest and I did get nice and hot but it was good to spin the legs.

I don't think there can be anything too hard just yet as I don't want to be moving my collarbone but I can at least do a bit of cycling on it and I could hear the tv over it (think the turbo specific tyre helps with that)

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  1. How are you finding the turbo sessions now you've done a couple? Are they getting any easier?

    I am eagerly anticipating your next blog post so chop chop missy. =D