Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hill Reps on the way home

I've been doing some thinking about training and also getting some advice on it. I have looked at my strengths and weaknesses as a rider, harder to see any strengths but that is one for another day. Although I am not willing to give up commuting, it is an important part of me and keeps me healthy, I also recognise that just plodding away is not going to make me stronger in my weaker areas. I can ride all day, but then I complain about being slow and a rubbish climber. I often talk about doing hill reps or faster sessions saying I'll do it on the way home from work and then it doesn't happen. Well although I haven't yet made a plan (with 46days till the next big race I really should) I thought I would start with hill reps.

As soon as I left work I had changed my mind, finding excuses about not wanting to ride past home and go to what I thought was a suitable hill. Giving myself a little talking to I stopped at a hill on my off-road route home, it only took about 1:30 to ride up it so I did it 15times. It was interesting I couldn't push myself as hard as I do in a race situation and a lot of that was to do with my mind wandering. I wanted to ensure I climb seated as that is what I tend to do on the mountain bike, but not commuting, and I made myself do it but I kept wanting to stand up.

I was pleased that I had done a good session and it is the start of introducing key sessions.

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  1. You have lots of strengths! As a bit of a dawdler I know exactly what you mean. I'm fortunate with MTBing in that I ride with men mostly so will chase them hard, don't ride as hard on my own, find it difficult to push myself. Have been meaning to get out with the roadies again but have not managed it for months due to weather, events and injury.