Sunday, 15 April 2012

Muddy Calderdale Miles

A Friday off work and friends meeting for a mountain bike ride in Calderdale, it seemed rude not to go. We (me, Tom, Ros, Gavin, Kat and Jenn) all met at the singletrack offices in Todmorden before heading up. Well that is the only way to start a ride out there. My legs and wrists felt fine, surprisingly. Once up at the top it tried to start raining so I had to add a waterproof before heading down. Then up the other side of the valley. I wasn't riding too bad but my descending was rubbish, a combination of being a complete wimp and my depth perception being poor, guess that is from being tired (the day before had been very very stressful). We dropped down to Hebden Bridge and nipped to the cafe. Sitting outside enjoying cakes in the rain, it stopped once we started riding again. One last up and then down and while the others went right on the canal I went left to where I was parked.

Lovely day, trails were pretty muddy and once again I was reminded I need to ride my mountain bike more.

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