Tuesday, 18 October 2011


After work on saturday I jumped on a train and headed down to Loughborough to see my sister. Only one change at sheffield made it an easy journey, I should do it more often! I got there in time for us to get pizza before I fell asleep on her partway through a film - some things never change.
On Sunday, after a rubbish nights sleep, we took the dogs she is looking after for a walk. Of course I had to introduce Helen to geocaching. Dragon and Twitch seemed to be loving it, although they never got the hang of actually finding the caches. There was a series of eight near Helen's so we headed there, missing 8 after a little search we found 1/8 just as I got it out two other caches 'caught' us. So we collected the next 7 together. I hadn't brought the clues for a bonus cache, a set of mathematical formulae, but they had. So at the end we even got a 9th.
Parting ways we headed back via another couple of caches but me and the geohounds tired and hungry.
Turns out Helen enjoyed it but the series of caches were premium member only caches so she couldn't log them. She then found us a couple to do on the way to the station.
I was shattered when I got home, but it was a fun weekend.

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