Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Adventures round work

I was working only 5miles from home today and last week I went along the road but my Garmin kept trying to send me through Moses Gate Country Park. This morning I decided to explore and follow the Garmin. I knew where I was the whole way having rode it on my mountain bike numerous times and I have to say my mountain bike would have been the better bike for the job. It was a little muddy and by the time I got to the school my wheels weren't turning very well and I had to use my keys for some un -clogging. Still I think a bit of off-roading on an unsuitable bike is the ideal way to start the day!
My other aim was to do a bit of geocaching, Ali is getting in the habit of doing one or two when she is out and my recent adventures with Jen have been great fun. Yesterday I was over in merseyside and tried and failed to find a cache. So today at lunch I was determined. A ten minute walk took me there and I found it straight away, it was a nano as well. New log in it so I was the first name. Then a nice walk back to finish teaching level 2 bikeability.
Now what shall I plan for tomorrow?


  1. look at that poor bikes bartape.
    sort it out!

  2. I know its on the to-do list. But I am probably changing the brake levers so leaving it till I've done that!