Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hit the North 1.5

Today was Hit the North 1.5. Ali and I cycled over which was a good warm up for my legs. We got there and I took off all my lovely warm layers and got ready for the brass band to start us all off. A good start but I kinda ruined it by going the wrong way at a corner and watched about twenty people come past. It wasn't long before I was in a bit of a duel with another girl. We were swapping places, the cross bike faster in parts and her mtb in others. I got away on a climb that really suited the cross bike, almost tarmac. But I was aware there wasn't a big gap.
2nd to last lap and I went down a steep slope with no brakes, very scary, I worked out that the bar top levers pulled more cable though so I could stop with them, they just weren't as stable. Last lap after scaring myself I ran most of the downhills. The steps that lap felt huge and my bike was gettign heavy - I was glad it wasn't my trek I would have been barely able to lift it!!! The last lap the girl passed me just before a steep downhill, I ran it but couldn't see her at all. I pushed round the lovely dry fast singletrack but was beginning to think that was it! On the last climb I got her and took advantage of the cross bikes speed. Onto the finish straight it was head down and hope, I think she was 10seconds behind me with the girl in 3rd 10seconds behind her. A great race!!!


  1. First female!!!
    Well done Trio.

    If you had brakes you'd be unstoppable. (Bad pun intended).

  2. WOW... What a great race and write up Trio!

    A chocolate feast must be underway?

    Fantastic stuff...but as Lance would say..It's not about the bike...

  3. great result. Get some proper brakes before you get killed.

  4. fantastic result! fear must be good for you ;)

  5. I was there, you did great. I was yakking to a fellow ,er ,competitor going up the tarmac section near the start on about L3 and you came past us.

    I was on a lime green cannondale with the Alan's team gazebo thingy.

    Nice one.
    Check out the Alan's bikes blog shortly for my bit.


  6. terrahawk Brakes are a priority I scared myself!

    Tim I'll check the blog out, its on my reader. Great race wasn't it!

  7. Yes well done to you. Who was the one that came second !!

  8. Well done Trio - I said you were fast!

    Very impressed with anyone who rode some of those descents on a cross bike - rather you than me!

    Did you ride the descent with the deep puddle/road at the bottom?

  9. dot That was the one descent I didn't ride, ran it every lap!

  10. Well done! I had a ride round the course on friday night looked good, very muddy. There was a scary little left hander with steps and a long drop on the right hand side, on the singletrack out above the hall, had a riders dismount sign, were people riding that or was dismounting compulsory?

  11. Everyone had to dismount, the marshall there was very on the ball!