Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hannah's First Audax

I invited Hannah to join me on a 100k Audax today, she said yes and then pointed out how hilly it be fair very! I rode over from home and was early enough to get a Costa Hot Chocolate and Pastry and Hannah arrived not long after me.

The usual low-key start and we all stayed together for a while before Hannah's chain came off, and again....she should have taken it in to Garage Bikes!
The route basically went up or down! We had a lovely 16% to get up near Macclesfield Forest.
I think Hannah was glad to get to the lunch stuff and we had half an hour in hand which is always nice! I made sure I ate loads.
Then more hills, meaning more amazing views.

We even met this cute little fellow.
Finished with an hour in hand and were fed a sandwich. The regulars then started trying to persuade Hannah to do some more, 300k was mentioned!

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