Sunday, 26 May 2013


Ali had given me a pass out and Hannah, Sarah and Al were playing out. We decided to meet at Langsett and I plotted two routes over, one on the road and one off. As the weather was nice I decided on the off-road route over cutgate. I was 500m from the house before I was off and walking, not a surprise since I was heading up what we had been riding as a descent. Then it was over to Ladybower Reservoir and up to Derwent Reservoir. Then it was cutgate time. I ended up carrying my bike up the first section!

Once riding again it was a lot of trying to chose the correct line and there was lots of dabbing but the views were amazing. The descent into Langsett was lots of fun and I arrived at the car park to find Hannah had brought me an iced spiced bun.
Meeting up with the others we headed back up the hill to then descend the last part of cutgate again. Then it was across the road to climb a nightmare climb, although not steep the ruts were such that you caught your pedals and the grassy bits were very narrow. At the top we decided to head back to Langsett and to the café where it was time for toasties, cake and ice-cream.

Then it was time to wave goodbye and head back up cutgate, it was a lot more rideable from this side but I still had to push a little bit. I had wondered how the descent would be but I rode most of it, just the odd dab and one stop to let my hands recover as I was holding onto the brakes for dear life! Then back along the reservoirs and home.

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  1. Beautiful scenery, and even better on a sunny day. A lovely playground!