Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Running in 2011

So last year I had a target of 180miles and managed 63! I basically stopped running in June and that was it. In 2009 I ran 171miles so it had seemed a reasonable target. Running is something that I enjoy once I'm out there but something I am not particularly good at. It also does give me a fitness boost and I like the fact you can do it anywhere, with limited equipment and get a good workout in a short period of time. So I decided on a target of 120miles for 2011, which is 10miles a month or a 30minute run a week. This is what I would like to be doing so seems a sensible target.

Today we woke up to snow so I decided that my first run of the year would be in the snow, plan was for 20minutes easy. I took it nice and easy and certainly didn't set any speed records, but with the rough surface I was being sensible. I got back with 25minutes on the clock and feeling great.

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