Sunday, 30 January 2011

30in30 - Done

So today was the last ride and it was off-road to my folks via the trails at Prestwich, I even rode the berms twice. Managed to get a little confused in Heaton Park and come out the wrong side, but it was so busy in the park I just rode round on the road instead of heading back in to find the right exit.

Roast dinner at my folks followed by present opening and birthday cake. My Dad added mine and Ali's ages together for the birthday cake, at least i'm hoping he doesn't think I'm 61!

So the 30in30 is finished which I'm glad about. Very happy I manage to complete, it was a hard challenge. It sounds easy, 30hours in 30days but its not that simple. Riding 30hours is fine. But riding for an hour on a saturday after a hard week of commuting on tired legs is not. Those were the rides I struggled with, there was no real reason to ride so I was literally just doing the hour. But hopefully that'll give me some mental strength. Legs do need a rest day, but it won't be tomorrow as I'm working. I may try it again at some point in the future and it was definetly a good way to kick start the year. January has been an amazing month for riding.
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  1. Well done for completing the challenge. 30 consecutive days of exercise is no mean feat. Good work.

  2. Woohoo - nice work! Sooooo - what's the next challenge?? :o) And happy birthday too!

  3. Thanks everyone, its certainly a hard challenge and I'm glad its finished!

    Oh and a big thanks to Ali, I would have definitely missed a couple of days if it wasn't for her.