Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Ali said that it was fine for me to ride with Chris tonight so I headed down to Cookson Cycles to meet him and Shaun at 5:30pm. They took a while to get ready but we on our way before 6pm and heading to Scout Moor. I had told Chris that I didn't want to long a ride so I might bail out somewhere early, but he told me not to be rubbish. We headed over to Scout Moor via a variety of trails and back roads, I only knew where I was when we crossed a major road the odd time. Up Coal Road where the boys zoomed up and I plodded up, turns out my legs were tired from all the riding the previous few days. Then there was a section where I pretended I didn't know how to ride before we skidded down the ice to Ramsbottom to drop Shaun off, then home to Bolton for me.

Just under 30miles in just under 3 hours, I think day five is going to be hard.


  1. You've got off to a great start to 2011 Amy, but watch you don't burn out! I've been on 2 week cycling holidays where I did a hard ride every day and by the end of week 2 I was grovelling, and I'd always get ill as soon as I came home.

    I think you should do one easy ride for every 3 or 4 hard ones to give your body time to recover.

  2. Don't worry today is definetly going to be easy...legs are sore...and friday is also a planned easy day. Infact the rest of the week is likely to be easy!