Friday, 14 January 2011

14/30 - Uber commute

This morning I set off at 6:30am to commute to Halton. I haven't had any work for ages so even though it was so far away I wasn't going to say no. As it turns out I was really lucky and it was relatively warm and I only had one very brief shower on the way over, the way home was clear. The route was fine although mainly following main roads, although I tweaked it a little on the way home. On fact the only issue was Halton is hilly and by hilly I mean short sharp stabby climbs I can barely get the fixie up. In fact on the way back I had to stop on one climb, a couple of walkers told me that they'd never seen another cyclist get so far - it would have been fine with gears, hard but fine.

Just over 2 hours and just over 27 miles.

Of course I then had to get home so that was another 27miles!

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