Wednesday, 12 January 2011

11/30 - Pizza counts?

Busy day today, first I headed off to Cookson Cycles to get my new wheels for kiwi. The rims on the old ones being at the dangerous stage. While there I noticed that the inner tube was bulging out a hole in one of the tyres, so it was new puncture proof tyres, and new brake pads and cables. Bike is all ready for me to commute on friday now. Chris had me working on my own bike while he made brews and got me chocolate cake. This all took longer than expected, so then it was back home and get some more of the to do list done before heading back out on the mountain bike.

Chris is racing Strathpuffer at the weekend so he suggested a flat, easy ride. So we headed round the trails at Prestwich a couple of times before heading out to Bolton, a quick loop round the golf course and back to mine (this did give me 22miles). Then it was an evening of pizza, beer and playing on the wii with Ali and Chris. Both of whom kept beating me, I'll have to get some sneaky practice.


  1. even got that damn Garmin on in the workshop, eh? Did the excitement raise the heart rate?

  2. Sounds like a great day - things achieved, some riding, and time with friends - oooh, and cake! What more could you want?

  3. Unfortunately the garmin was turned off Rich...otherwise it would have been beeping at me!