Monday, 3 January 2011

3/30 - Hit the North Preview

This morning I headed over to prestwich for the Hit the North preview ride (get yourself entered). I was a little late, couldn't resist the berms but that was fine as I wasn't the only one. A lap of the course and we all headed for the local costa coffee, not sure they are used to muddy mountain bikers, still the hot chocolate and cake was appreciated.

Then six of us headed off for another loop and this time I rode the downhill I had wimped out on earlier.
After this we spent ages making plans for food before heading to the Strawbury Duck, Greg and Pauline in the van and Chris and I rode (Damian joined us as far as Bolton). Getting there and it was packed, no tables and no food orders for at least half an hour so we headed down to the Rose and Crown in Edgeworth, where the food was fantastic!

After this Ali let me ride home via holcombe moor with Chris, which hurt! But it was great fun.

47miles in total, 3 days complete only 27 to go!

Pictures thanks to Chris as my camera batteries had died!


  1. Sounds like great fun. =D

    Keep up the good work (of eating cake that is!)

  2. good luck on the hour ride tomorrow