Sunday, 16 January 2011

16/30 - Wet and Muddy

Legs were sore when I woke up this morning near my knees so I decided to be sensible and drive to my planned ride instead of riding over. I was meeting Ros and Marie at Rivington for 9am so it gave me time to sit pressing refresh on the strathuffer results. (Well done to Chris and Shaun from Cooksons for winning the pairs) Meeting up it was cold, wet and windy so we decided to head over to the nab. Over via Lead Mines Clough before riding the muddy and draggy trails.

I has to be said that compared to what the nab used to be like in the winter it is very rideable. Halfway round there is a rocky bit that always has me stopping, I was determined to ride it and after watching me Ros flew down it.

Back over to rivington and we all headed home. 10miles, a new riding pal and an old riding pal back on her bike after having babies. Fab day.

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