Thursday, 13 January 2011


Another fantastic day, even if the weather decided to be horrid. I've got work starting from tomorrow so had to make the most of my last day of freedom! So a little later than planned (due to an interesting programme on random numbers on radio4) I headed over to Jumbly's and even with the torrential rain that started just as I left the house I only arrived 5minutes after the time I was meant to be there.

We headed out over to Rivington on Cross Bikes, seeking something flattish which is a little hard round there. We didn't do too bad but eventually had to head up onto Georges Lane. Here we could barely see each other through the drizzle (yes that nice type that gets you completely soaked) no matter than anything else.

Down through chinese gardens which was interesting. I think my brakes were doing something but it was mainly a case of holding on for dear life. My arms and legs were very sore by the bottom

Obviously after that we had to head to Chapel Tea Rooms for huge chip butty's. I then rode back to Vikki's before turning round and heading back to Rivington.

Over to see Ros and the boys, hope they don't grow too much in the next couple of weeks while I am busy working. We went for a short walk as the sky had cleared before chocolate cake for us and bathtime for the twins.


  1. I hate weather like that! Well done on riding :)

  2. Eek. That weather looks miserable indeed. Glad you had a good time. (I hope that the weather is nicer for when I finally get to ride with you, Vikki and Ali.)

  3. Don't worry we'll order some weather for you....or just come on the one day it doesn't rain!

    So when is this ride?