Wednesday, 26 January 2011


It was my birthday today and Ali had got me 32 presents. Which meant lots of fun unwrapping. My goodies included a pink bike horn so watch out people. I think it is going on kiwi. There was also lots of chocolate bits, the chocolate muffins have been eaten already!

After work I had a hospital appointment, unfortunately I had a headwind the whole way there. This meant that although I should have had lots of time I was getting worried I would be late, it was fine though. Appointment went well and I'm having my tonsils out so hopefully that should stop me getting ill as much.

Home and there was time for pizza and for me to sort out the rear wheel puncture I had discovered on Rigger before heading up the road to meet the girls for a nightride. There was just four of us but it was a fantastic night for riding. Up to Pigeon Tower and down the ice-cream run, which I cleared for the first time in ages. This gave me confidence and I flew down off the back of the Pike and then Winter Hill. Halfway down my light was being odd, flashing for some reason. I stopped turned it on and off and it was fine, no idea what that was all about. Back to the pub for a quick drink and crisps before rolling home.

I'm a little tired now after two late, for me, nights.

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  1. looks like a good haul! glad you had good day, despite being at work.