Saturday, 22 January 2011

22/30 - Nothing exciting

Working in the morning, there were loads of little ones learning to ride so it was quite good fun. Especially the smiles when they got it, only one cried and asked for his stabilisers back on, dad was sensible and said no though.

After that I rode down to Cookson Cycles to put mudguards on Ruby ready for an audax tomorrow. The boys seemed to like playing with my cones. The mudguards were a little fiddly and in the end we left off the chainset protector bit, getting it not to rub being an issue. Still they're a lot better than no mudguards, especially if someone ends up behind me on a wet road.

While there Chris got pizza, I helped him eat it of course.

Home and my garmin decided to crash, still not got it working. But everything else, I think, is ready for the morning. My planned early night hasn't happened, but there's not much work on next week so I can recover then.
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