Sunday, 9 January 2011

9/30- Hill Repeats

I got changed to head out and ride for an hour and Ali asked what I was planning on doing. I explained that I should be doing hill repeats as they were on my plan but I was going to just go and ride my mountain bike for an hour. As it turned out Ali decided she was going to join me for Hill Repeats, so I had no choice! We headed out to Affetside and I was planning on four reps as it is ages since I have done any hill reps and I've been doing a lot of riding in the new year. Ali said she might do two and I told  her to aim for three, but she could stop at two. It was a nice pedal out before the reps, which hurt a lot! All of them were under 5minutes, which I was happy with, but back in 2008 I was down near 4'30" and I was doing five reps, so plenty of work to do.
Aim is to head out at least once a fortnight and do hill reps, I plan on sticking to the hill at Affetside so I can hopefully see if there is some improvement. But I have a lot of work coming up which may make it difficult, as work means lots of commuting miles.


  1. ouch!, how many did ali do?

  2. Wondered how long it would be till someone asked that kate!

    She did three, first was exactly the same time as me, the second two were just over 5minutes, as always sickening for someone who hardly does any exercise in comparison to me!

  3. well done to both of you. I'm impressed anyone is out cycling at all in this weather.