Sunday, 2 January 2011


So day two of 30in30 and I collected Chris a bit after 10:30am to ride over to the Todmorden Cyclocross. We went via Blackstone edge, where I watched Chris fly up the climb and I did my best not to die as my heart rate hovered round 180bpm. (I also stood on the scales this morning and it was bad news so that won't have helped.) Down Cragg vale and I was freezing and stayed that way till Greg gave me his down jacket while he was racing.

Leaving to head home there were three fast boys and me, I let them fly up the climb and Jase passed me and shouted some encouragement in the car. Chris was at the top waiting for me and we caught TwinklyDave and Phil on the way down to Bacup (apparently Dave's rear light kept making a bid for freedom and he had to stop to find it). From bacup, it was Rawtenstall, Ramsbottom and home. 54miles and sore legs, as well as being tired. Still only way to get fit.

There was loads of folks off twitter there as well and it was great to chat to folks.


  1. I cant work out which climb is harder, Blackstone edge or the Bacup climb. Im thinking Blackstone edge might of tired me out more.

  2. Bacup felt harder as my legs were tireder by that point, but I think Blackstone Edge was probably harder. Next time ride up them slower, it'll make it easier ;-)

  3. Well done! Not stood on the scales yet myself (la la la). Hopefully get out today if faffing with insurance co re our water leak doesn't take too long and am thinking of avoiding hills.

  4. Avoiding hills sounds a good idea, but I know I need to ride them so I do get better at them!