Monday, 31 January 2011

Missed a week but back running again

I didn't run last week, I'd plan to run on saturday morning but I was so tired after being on taxi duty for Ali on friday night so I didn't set an alarm or go running when I did get up. I didn't feel too bad as I obviously needed the rest and dragging myself out for the hour on my bike was hard enough.

So today when riding home I told myself that it was in the house, change and out running. No heart rate monitor as I was too lazy to find the strap. I set off down my road and decided on my slightly longer circuit, couldn't remember how long it was though. By the time I was heading uphill I realised I hadn't looked at the Garmin once, so decided not to till I got home. I usually find this impossible, but I managed. Home and the watch said 5.6km in 33mins. Nicely under 10min/miles and the fastest i've ran in ages. Determined to keep it up, I know i've no chance of running with my friends who run, but it'll be nice to keep the legs ticking over.
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