Friday, 7 January 2011

7/30 - snow and slush

Chris got up early this morning and fancied a ride, so since I was heading over to see Ros in the afternoon he came and collected me and we headed up Winter Hill via lots of my local trails.

On the whole it was really rideable but once in a while there was some ice hidden under the snow. At the top of the Belmont descent we met a walker who warned of us ice so I really minced my way down.

At Belmont we split with Chris heading over Darwen Moor to get an uber long ride in and me heading back up Belmont Road to Rivington.

Onto Belmont Old Road which was an interesting mixture of snow, ice and slush.

An afternoon walk with Ros and her boys and after a couple of hot chocolates I headed home, falling on the ice just metres from her house. Now the riding was mainly slush and it was raining.

Great day and another 3hours on the bike.


  1. brilliant, so glad you went out. can't believe how quickly it's melted. fleeting fun none the less :)

  2. who said you could take a pic of my ass, cant even remember you doing that

  3. Chris, how am I going to get a picture of anything but you ass since I am always chasing it?

    Yes kate was glad I got out, especially as I was so close to saying no to Chris. Got the best of the snow before it all washed away :-)