Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today was the first day i really couldn't be bothered. This is why i knew this challenge would be hard, although i ride a lot i often suffer from can't be botheredness and if i don't have to go out i don't. This meant that i let the whole day go by before heading out. So instead of daylight ride i was out in the dark. I only managed to drag myself out as i needed to go to the shop, this is just over a mile from my house so i had to go the long way. As my legs were sore i wanted tto avoid any major hills so i rode to horwich then back via asda, not very exciting but it took me over an hour so i'm still on target!
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  1. did that include shopping time ;)
    ...keep it going.

  2. keep going trio!! that's exactly how i feel by the time friday comes around.



  3. No Kate I did an hour before going into the shop, then an extra ten minutes afterwards.

  4. Well done Amy, know the all consuming can't be botheredness very well myself.