Friday, 28 January 2011

27/30 & 28/30

Yesterday I was working in Warrington so getting the hour done was easy. Both legs of the commute were over an hour, the way home being nearly two due to tired legs. Ali then cooked my birthday meal and we shared some bubbles.

Today I was working 4.5miles away from my house, no way was that going to take an hour. I did think about leaving early and doing my hour, but things like that never happen. So leaving the school I made the choice to turn right, left being the direction to my house. Home via Whitefield and Bury got me my how. But even with the sun shinning it felt like I was forcing myself to ride for no reason. I suppose the roads of greater manchester between 4pm and 5pm are never going to be the most fun you can have on a bike.

Just two days left, seems doable.
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  1. i'm so impressed with your determination! have you got a 'special' route planed for the last one?

  2. Not long to go now - a splendid effort!

    You will be completing your 30 rides in 30 days just as I complete my first ride since November 20th!

    Incidentally, if you don't have anything planned for Sunday, you'd be welcome to join us for a ride out to Country Kitchen cafe in Waddington.

  3. Oh, sorry - a belated Happy Birthday too!

  4. No special route planned, out for lunch so will probably just ride there.

    Sorry Colin busy tomorrow, otherwise I might fancy it.