Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A quick blast up winter hill

My friend Kate came out for a short ride today, I was imformed that 12miles was perfect otherwise she gets cold! (She also asked me to tire my legs out before the ride!) In typical Kate fashion a ride planned for 10am happened at 3pm!!! We did my usual Winter Hill Loop, I couldn't quite hold her on the hills, uphill and definetly not downhill. My legs were heavy and I was dying at a lower heart rate. Great ride though.

13.04 miles @ 8.8 mph
425m of ascent


  1. Arrrgh, a ride as well.
    So much for the tired legs.

  2. What's the temps over there at the moment? Have you got snow? A 10 am ride at 3 pm - ghee, and I thought I had time issues. LOL

    P.S. I might have to sit out the February Century. :-(

  3. Between 1 and 5 degree C during the day, a lot colder at night. The snow seems to have missed where I live on the whole, all the moaning southerners got it!

    I saw, hope you are feeling better soon!

    redbike Legs were tired, but I wanted to push them this week so riding with tired legs it is, I'll have to do it at transwales!