Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Health and Safety for trees

This is somewhere I cycle out to every so now and again with Anna. I can't believe that they want to prosecute the National trust over a tree being blown down in high winds. It is unfortunate that the boy died but how can anyone can ensure that trees aren't going to blow down if it is exceptionally windy?


  1. I suppose it is a natural reaction if you loose a child. You are hurt and angry. However, sueing the NT does not bring him back either.

  2. A sad tale but there does seem to be some grounds for complaint.

    Old trees do need watching.

    I live near a woodland park in Darwen and they are very hot on making sure the trees are safe. It's quite the norm to see an area cordoned off whilst a tree is made safe.

  3. But how far should it go? Maybe we should cut down all the trees to ensure that none of them fall over? It was in high winds. I understand how upsetting it is and the need to blame someone but I'm glad that the case wasn't allowed.