Monday, 16 February 2009

A new bike

This time its not me with a new bike, but my friend kate. I went to meet her and her shiny new trek madone at Horwich and after a quick lesson in how to clip into the pedals and how to use the gears we were off. It was a bit wobbly at first but soon she was flying, I took her on one of my usual loops. Kate took no time to get used to her bike and I couldn't even see her going uphill. For a change I was faster than her downhill, she wasn't as confident as on her mountain bike. A quick stop at the Chapel cafe before back to the car and then I spun home.

I was impressed that my legs coped, although I felt like I was going backwards on the hills, I blame the fact Kate was on a light carbon bike and I was on my winter roadie.

35.27 miles @ 12.6 mph
969m of ascent


  1. That's a crime I hope you're not leaving that scone....

  2. It's not mine and I think it was all eaten!

  3. hope you manged to finish your cake ;)