Saturday, 21 February 2009

My first Audax

Today I rode my first Audax. It was a 120km route from Rochdale. Once I rode there and back I worked out it would be 100miles, that would be my 2nd of the month. Just think this time last year I had never rode an imperial century! The plan was to meet a bunch of guys off cyclechat at the start so at 7:30am I headed out off to Rochdale, it was a little chilly but I was in less clothes than I have had to wear in a long time. I made good time and had time to relax at the start. Soon we were off, a group of five of us in total. The route started out with a general introduction before some hills, mainly steady climbs as oppose to short sharp steep stuff. Evetually we ended up in Waddington for a nice Cafe stop and to get our cards signed. Then it was back to Rochdale for out free pie! Then we headed off our seperate ways. A really good day and great value at £5 compared to what you pay to enter a sportive!

107.32 miles @14.2 mph
2146m ascent


  1. 14.2mph,
    Thats very quick with all those hills!

  2. congratulations on your 2nd century :)

  3. So true about the expense of sportives. I've just been looking through the official guide of French sportives that came with Le Cycle magazine and, as ever, am staggered at the prices. Plus, lots of people these days do the shorter options(under 100km)which I never understand, given the price. Give me a nice long randonnée with lots of food stops any day.
    Well done on another long ride. I like reading about girls who do as much riding as me - motivates me to push that bit harder.

  4. You have come so far in just a year, pounding out these 100 milers now! And, you are nearly at 1000 for the year already! Great job!

  5. Awesome effort, Trio. That's amazing how far you've come in only 12 months. You rock. Can we count your second century of the month for me since I can't do mine?

  6. I was pleased with the speed, guess riding with a group helped!

    Groover you can since you have a good excuse, I assume the sick note is in the post?

  7. Hi trio.

    It was nice meeting you yesterday. What you were kind enough not to mention is that you had to stand around in that cold wind at the top of every hill while I grovelled up to join you and the others - thanks for waiting!

    I put a picture of the 5 of us on the CycleChat Mini-North-West-Passage thread and you are welcome to take a copy of it.

    See again soon I hope (for Spring Into The Dales perhaps?)


  8. I actually don't think we ever had to wait that long at all! You are a lot fitter than you make out!

    Great ride, hoping to do spring into the dales, need to get round to checking the dates.

  9. Hi Trio,

    where did the route go?

    Also, how did you find out about this ride? I quite fancy doing some.



  10. They are all on here.

    Route was basically, Rochdale, Littleborough, Todmorden, Cornholme, outskirts of Burnley, Blacko, Gisburn, Sawley, Grindleton, Waddington, Whalley, Outskirts of Blackburn, Hasllingden, Edenfield, Rochdale.