Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Christening new trainers

At the same time as getting my cross bike I got a new pair of trainers for running off-road in. I've had my old ones since 2000 = although I haven't ran for most of that time. I had £50 of free stuff to get with the bike and this was something I needed!

It's taken till today to get out though, last weeks run was a quick 3miles round the roads with Ali. Anyway 7 hilly miles later they were nice and muddy and can no longer count as new shoes.


  1. Oh no, poor trainers.

    The same thing happened to my trainers when I went running with you. They got all muddy and stopped being new. Odd that.

    I'm tired from riding yesterday. Some of us are mortal!

  2. Oh the trainers are happy they are designed for running off-road so they like getting muddy!

    I am feeling yesterday! Legs felt heavy - but have to be able to cope with that feeling at transwales!