Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ali's first half marathon

Today Ali ran the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool. It's her first race of any distance and should be a good gauge of how her training was going. My job was to ride to various parts of the course and shout encouragement and pass her her energy drink.

She did fab with a time of 1:56:45
She was aiming for 2 hours so she did great!


  1. Thats not fab, that's utterly fantastic!!

    Well done Ali!!

  2. excellent work ali, you should be really proud of yourself and feeling strong for the big one :) ...and of course you wouldn't have done it with the shouty encouragement ;)

  3. sorry if this is a double post....
    congratulations ali, that is a great time. you should be full of confidence for the big one :)

  4. Woo, well done Ali! Trio did you have a pink hat on? I remember someone whizzing past on a bike and they were wearing a pink hat.

    How are Ali's legs, mine really didn't appreciate the concrete the second time round.

  5. What time did you manage Julbags?

    Yes I had a pink hat on!

    Ali has been fine but now getting stiff!

  6. 1:53:47 which was way faster than I thought I could manage, was aiming for the two hour mark too. Felt ok most of it though my knee joints felt like they had been attacked by a hammer on the seccond lap which wasn't great.

    I've been moving around all afternoon and they are feeling slightly better, hopefully they will bend tomorrow.

  7. I can't believe I missed you, you were will have been around the people I had clocked so I knew I hadn't missed Ali! I was looking for Chorley vests but they all seemed to be on old men!

    Ali seems fine this morning which is good!

  8. I was wearing my running rucksack as a practice for the marathon and the straps hide the vest a bit I think, I had a grey buff on my head. My calves are a little tight this morning but I'm not too bad either, Most importantly my knees are fine.

    I must have been close to Ali for most of it as she finished just behind me.

  9. I think I did see you, I remembered a girl with a grey buff and a camelbak! Ali is trying to decide what to do about drinking during the marathon as she drinks a lot and there will be no road for me to ride along and change her drinks over easily - london being a lot busier ;)

  10. I drunk very little, only when taking my gels (which I didn't really need). I find the camelbak type arrangement best as I can drink from the tube without drowning myself, unlike cups.

    You do have to factor in the extra weight when the bladder is quite full. My plan is to take the bladder and if necessary use the later water stations on the course as it should be less fraught by then, the inital water stations can be mayhem.

    London will certainly be a lot busier!

  11. But it makes sense to use gels in a shorter race as it teaches your body to cope in longer events and will help you recover quicker! A drank at least a litre as that's how much sports drink she had, she says she walked through the drink stations so she didn't just throw it on herself. She drinks a lot though.

    I've been running with a very small camelbak on my longer (7miles runs but since they are so hilly I don't think it makes a difference!

    Now get blogging I want to read about you version of the race!

    As a ps I managed 9 miles on the bike, I put my garmin on just to see!

  12. Sorry, been off the computer for most of the weekend with the result that it was quite productive (including one fixed Titus to bounce around on).

    I normally get some time at work.