Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A night ride from Belmont

The girls came out to Bolton for a night ride tonight. Kate was meant to come to mine first but since she was running late I took the light to the meeting point. Only I forgot the mount, a buff and three zip-ties and it was fine and stayed that way the whole ride! On the way up there was a lot of faffing by a boy! His light was on the wrong sized mount for his bars, eventually with the help of a first aid kit it was sorted. Due to this I decided to leave the Pike, we still did the ice-cream run and of course finished with the Belmont descent. Before heading to the pub for a quick drink. I then free-wheeled most of the way home while they set off of the M60.
18.51 miles @ 8.5 mph
640m ascent


  1. boy faff is the worst kind ;) .....i manged to be in completely the wrong place for our ride yesterday-but we don't talk about that!

  2. At least you got some riding in, I started riding (at Riv) and had to abandon due to my rear brake binding on. I thought my legs were just complete toast so I was relieved it wasn't just me!

  3. There were a fair few groups out, think I saw two other biggish groups! It was a nice night!

    your legs probably are tired from all the running! You training sounds like it is going well!

  4. There were a few groups out, lots of lights up at the pike and it was almost perfect night riding conditions too.

  5. Has the STW rivi niteride (I've still not made it to a meet yet) switched to Weds nite then?

  6. No that is a group of girls from south manchester that I ride with sometimes.

    Not heard anything about the stw ride in a while. Be ideal for me if it started in Belmont!