Monday, 25 January 2010

Spin for the Win

Another monday fixed ride had been planned for today with Jumbly. I had plotted out a route for my garmin that didn't look too hilly. I had slept really badly last night, not helped by my knee playing up (yes you would think I would learn not to go running on tarmac after a bit of time off!) Just as I was about to leave I turned the Garmin on only to be greeted by a low batterey message - not the first time this has happened, it was fully charged when I took it off the charging cradle last night. So I plugged it in for a quic 10minutes thinking I had left myself loads of time as it was. Off I went at 9am and halfway there remembered that we were meeting at Adlington, 3.5miles further than Tesco but I always think it is just 5 minutes further. I pushed hard to try and not be too late, but these days I always seem to be late. Still an average moving speed of 15.4mph impressed me!

As soon as we got moving my watch died, fortunately Jumbly had put it on hers after reading my tweet about a low battery. As this was her first time navigating there were a few wrong turns but we mainly stayed on route. A brief stop at Booths for a toilet break - oh and a snack for me - I found the local odd man, who was having an intense conversation with me, I unfortunately couldn't tell what he was saying! I seem to attract them though.

Onto the pub, not before dragging the bikes up a couple of actually quite hard hills.In fact Jumbly even took us on a bac road at the last bit to add in an extra steep bit! But no walking so a sucess! The pub once again provided lovely food and just as our food arrived the table by the fire was vacated so we quickly moved.

Leaving was hard, it was cold out and it was only when we had gone inside we realised how cold. Extra layers and we headed spinning as fast as I could determined not to brake, Jumbly was a little more cautious - or sensible!

Splitting again at Adlington I decided to head down Chorley New Road and then climb up to Moss Bank Way, by this point my legs were sore! Stopped at Asda and then the last bit home. I was tired.

59miles in total so I'm on the way back but I do hurt now!


  1. Its amazing just how steep a bank you can climb fixed.
    I'm useless at coming back down them tho.
    I tend to chicken out at about 20/25moh

  2. That's a nice long ride for this time of year. I think if I'd got to a pub I'd still be there now, well done for tearing yourselves away from it :)

  3. @red I think I get scared at that speed geared!

    @Simon you would love the pub good selection of beers, leaving was hard!

  4. long ride for fixed! do you find your legs hurt more or differently?

  5. @kate no idea, as my mileage was basically non-existent before last week they are sore as this is a long ride! I think they would still be sore with gears. Maybe I should do the same loop geared and see how I feel?

  6. Haha - I'd forgotten about coming out of Booths to find you being talked at by random passing man. As always it was a top day out. I will try harder next time to follow the navigation line on the Garmin instead of keep saying "oops...... we must have missed a turn"

  7. @Jumbly I thought you did really well for the first attempt, it is a lot harder when its not on the bars! I often miss turns and I'e been using it for navigation for two years!